Wedding dresses under £1000 in London

With the Christmas season having drawn to a close and at the end of a long year, we are entering January 2023 most likely with a mixture of feelings. It could be an exciting time for you if you’re recently engaged and getting married next year, but it can also feel overwhelming given the financial pressures and practicalities that can be associated with planning a wedding, and managing that alongside everyday life, work, family and friends – not forgetting making time for your fiancé (remember them?!) Especially after shelling out for Christmas at a time when the cost of living is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, buying your wedding dress can seem like a daunting task.


The questions you may now be asking yourself are ‘where do I start looking?’ and ‘will I be able to find a wedding dress that I love under £1000?’ The wonderful thing to know is that in the modern-day era, whilst weddings can be very expensive it is completely reasonable to have a standout, beautifully fitted wedding dress that really speaks to your personality without breaking the bank! Here are a couple of things that every woman needs to know about buying a wedding a dress on a budget.

wedding dresses under £1000 london

Pick a dress that you feel amazing in and complements your body shape

 If you find a dress that you light up in which also feels comfortable to wear, you will naturally ooze confidence on your wedding day. Trust in your bridal consultant at your appointment if you’re unsure of where to start, as they are there to guide you and show you different styles and silhouettes in order to pinpoint what you feel best in and makes your heart sing. It’s also important to us when we see brides in the studio that they understand the fitting process after purchasing their wedding dress and understand that good alterations from an expert seamstress (which we offer in-house) will help to make your dress fit you like a glove and elevate your wedding day look. Often a more affordable wedding dress can look far more expensive than one which cost several thousand pounds if it has been fitted to a better standard!


It’s also helpful to note that alterations in most bridal boutiques are additional to the cost of buying your dress; prices vary between different boutiques and bridal seamstresses, so always ask how much alterations on your chosen wedding dress will roughly cost before committing to it so that you can make sure it’s within your budget. At Betty Gets Hitched we specialise in off-the-peg wedding dresses under £1000, which are ex-stock and ex-samples from a range of designers and means they have a much more affordable price tag. Having worked within the bridal industry for 15 years, I myself know the possibilities of finding a wedding dress within this price range including your alterations, which you will feel sublime in on your wedding day.

wedding dresses under £1000

Visit boutiques within your price range

If you have a specific budget, then make a point to check with the boutiques you are interested in visiting the price range of their wedding dresses. It’s always advisable not to tempt yourself with visiting a boutique knowing the top end of your budget is the lower end of their range, as it can lead to huge disappointment falling in love with a dress which you can’t afford! Once you’ve picked two to three boutiques that fall within your budget and your consultant knows your top end, enjoy the experience of trying on different styles knowing that whichever wedding dress is ‘the one’ is a viable and affordable option for you.


 Once you have found your dream wedding dress under £1000 or within another budget you’ve set, the cherry on top will be that you know it didn’t cost you the earth, which should hopefully make your wedding dress shopping experience a stress-free and happy one to remember!

bridal dresses under £1000