Sustainable Wedding Dresses London


At Betty Gets Hitched we believe in providing more sustainable and ethical options for brides looking for their wedding dress. With so much wastage in the garment industry with over-production by manufacturers and over-consumption by the consumer, the business was born out of a love for slower-fashion and providing pieces that don't become throwaway fashion.

Our off the peg wedding dresses include a mixture of new stock from designers - beautiful dresses which are either discontinued styles or excess stock, which ensures they eventually find a home with one of our lovely brides and saves many wedding dresses from ending up in landfill and damaging the environment. We also have some ex-samples from a range of designers, which we source from other bridal boutiques and the designers themselves. These are ex-showroom samples which have been tried on a few times but have never been worn for a wedding. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer our off the peg wedding dresses for under £1000 with up to 60% off their RRPs, which helps brides to buy a luxury, more sustainable designer wedding dress for an affordable price which won't break the bank! 

We also have a Betty Gets Hitched Couture collection; designed and made in-house and available as made-to-order pieces, we only order fabrics for each dress or garment once the bride's order has been placed, and strategically cut out each pattern piece to create minimal fabric waste. We source our fabrics as much as possible from UK and European suppliers and manufacturers to limit our carbon footprint and support our economy. We are currently working on our new bridal collection; please check back on our website or blog for updates.

We also promote the idea to our brides of re-fashioning their wedding dress such as shortening it or changing the detailing, to create a new style which can be proudly hung up in their wardrobe and worn again for an evening out, holiday or another special occasion. It's a shame for such a lovely garment to sit collecting dust somewhere for years and not getting the chance to be worn again! Another great sustainable alternative is to sell on your wedding dress to another bride and give it a new home; there are a few good websites which can be used to list and sell your wedding dress after your wedding day.

Our handmade bridal accessories are also made in-house at our studio in North London, England; we use recyclable packaging to reduce waste. We also either re-work our fabric scraps as stuffing/padding for other projects or donate them to local charities to re-use.